We are a reliable and an experienced soundproofing company from London. We work both with commercial and residential clients to bring truly sound proof solutions to houses, offices and recording studios in the area. Our services include complex music studio building projects, but also smaller operations, like simply soundproofing walls or floors of a chosen apartment. Get in touch with us now to get a free quote!

Soundproofing walls

We offer professionally prepared sound proof walls in studios and homes. Our company is going to carefully inspect the space and choose the best materials and technologies for the job. This way each client can be sure the final solution is individually matched to his needs. Thanks to our help you will no longer have to worry about playing your music a little too loud or your neighbours arguing next door. We always make sure to pick unrivalled insulating materials, perfect for soundproofing walls.

Soundproofing floors

If you are afraid your household activities may disturb your neighbours downstairs, you should definitely think about soundproofing the floors of your apartment. Similarly, if your kids or other residents are way too loud upstairs, you should consider employing soundproofing specialists, who will figure out ways to minimise the noise and make your life much easier. We are going to carefully examine the space to learn which solution is possible to carry out in the particular building and pick the most effective one available.

Soundproof ceiling

Our services include a variety of actions connected with thorough house soundproofing. Ceiling is one of the constructions that absolutely need to be properly insulated to prevent noise emission. It is crucial especially in blocks of apartments, where omitting this structure may result in neighbour conflicts and lower quality of life. Our company specialises in designing highly personalised solutions, suited to every customer's needs and expectations. You can trust our expertise when it comes to creating sound proof rooms.

Studio soundproofing

We are also known as some of the most reliable and precise recording studio builders. We carefully analyse the surrounding area, as well as the building itself, to choose the most effective solutions for a professional studio. Soundproofing a space designated to record artists and sounds does not include only layers of insulation, but also choosing materials responsible for getting rid of echo or reverberation. Following the customer's requests and instructions, our company will draft a thorough project and then follow it closely.

Soundproofing a flat

Soundproofing a flat is a service catered mostly to the residents of apartment buildings, whose walls, ceilings and floors may be thin. Without proper insulation, the people who live in such places will be definitely bothered by the sounds emitted by the noisy neighbours. Not only big and loud parties are going to be annoying, but also simply listening to people in surrounding apartments walk and talk. We are going to make sure the flat we are soundproofing in London is insulated with high quality materials.

Soundproof house

When it comes to soundproofing your house, you have to think about the architecture of the building itself and how much you can interfere with it. Our team will thoroughly inspect your place to learn more about its construction and which soundproofing methods and materials can be used. Then, we will prepare a plan and proceed to choosing the right insulation for the ceilings, floors and walls. After being done with the formalities, we will buy the materials, lay them down and finalise the project by the appointed date.

Soundproofing London - residential customers

One of the groups we direct our services to are the owners of residential houses and apartments. As one of the most renown soundproofing companies from London, we pride ourselves on our ability to fulfil our clients' needs and come up with up-to-date solutions and constructions. Our experience helps immensely with choosing top notch materials for insulation and knowing which of them are going to work best for every building. You can soundproof a house or a flat with our help, no job is too small for our team.

Soundproofing - commercial customers

As qualified music studio builders, we also work with commercial customers. We help in creating recording and conference rooms for companies from the music industry and other sectors. We are known for adapting our designs to the customers' wishes and being extremely precise. Our team never slacks off, which is why, unlike other contractors, each project of ours is developed according to the strict schedule. Choose our services if you want to create a professional recording studio at an affordable price.