Soundproof house

The very first thing that we do when you want to get a soundproof house is inspection - we need to measure your walls, floors and ceilings and also observe what kind of solutions will work best for you. We want to make sure your apartment is adequately prepared to withstand loud neighbours or its very noisy surroundings. Once we assess what type of soundproofing will be most beneficial to you and will meet your requirements, we will consult our plan with you and offer a quote for the service. Only after you agree to the project we wish to fulfil, are we going to start making the changes in your house.

Our house soundproofing process

1. Contact

If you want to employ the help of our soundproofing specialists from London, the very first step you have to take, is to get in touch with our company. You can either contact us via a phone or at to schedule an appointment. Such meeting will allows us to discuss in great detail how you want to soundproof your house.

2. Survey

We need to inspect what your house or apartment look like and determine what kind of problems you are dealing with. Our team is going to survey the area for free and decide what kind of solutions and materials are going to be most effective when soundproofing it.

3. House preparation

We do not want to damage any equipment inside your place, which is why we always carefully prepare the rooms. We typically protect the floors with a layer of cardboard or other materials, but also move and cover the furniture.

4. Soundproofing house

After preparing the place, we are ready to start working on soundproofing projects in London. We are going to include a number of innovative solutions and dependable materials to make sure the final results meet and even exceed your expectations.

5. Cleanup

Our team is going to clean your place following the completion of our works there. This will allow you to simply relax and enjoy our services without having to worry about getting rid of all the rubbish and building materials.


  1. How long does it take to soundproof a house?

    Our usual pace of work is 10-15 m2 per day, provided that the most basic systems are being mounted. Therefore, how long we soundproof a house depends on its size.

  2. Can you adapt your services to a fixed budget?

    We do not have any problem with that - all you have to do is just tell us where we ought to be and we will do our utmost to meet your requirements with no harm on the quality of workmanship and materials.

  3. Do you provide coverings for the floor and furniture?

    Yes, our company provides coverings that will protect all your furniture from any damages. What is more, we will also properly preserve your floor with an additional special covering.

  4. Are you insured?

    Yes, as responsible soundproofing specialists from London we know that full business and public liability insurance is crucial, so we never forget to have it.

  5. I have a question regarding soundproofing house, how do i contact London Sound Solutions?

    You are more than welcome to contact us on the phone: 020 8207 5121 or 079 5811 5256, as well as on e-mail: Apart from that, we are also present on Facebook and Twitter.


We have been working in soundproofing in London for years already and on the portfolio page you can see some examples of the effects of our work. What is more, there are also photos showing our services in progress, in case you were curious how does it look. We are always devoted to our work and do our utmost to meet all the client's individual demands and expectations. We will soundproof your house effectively and without too much mess!

Soundproofing floors
The majority of people do not realise that to make sure a house is soundproof, every surface should be prepared for noise reduction – flooring included. Loud stomping, so frequent in clubs and dance studios, children running around or even trying to sneakily grab a late night snack can become extremely inconvenient for neighbours or other flatmates. With the help of London Sound Solutions, the floors of your apartment or studio will cancel a lot of noise, allowing you to enjoy yourself the way you want to, without disturbing anyone in your proximity. Click on “Portfolio” and learn more about our past projects.
Soundproofing walls
The first thing that has got to be established when we start cooperation is what exactly you expect from our services. Depending on whether you want to isolate the noises like the commotion outside, give your child a place where they can blast their music however loud they want, or maybe you are working on some new music and you need a recording studio, we are going to need all that information. Only by knowing your exact wishes and requirements and seeing the spaces we ought to work on, we are able to choose the best solutions to soundproof your house and prepare an adequate project.
Soundproof ceiling
Soundproofing the ceilings in your apartment may be incredibly useful when you have loud and annoying neighbours you cannot stand to listen to any more. Moreover, if you think about making a home theatre, it has to be insulated thoroughly to make sure the sounds do not resonate throughout the entire house, disturbing the rest of the household. When it comes to recording studios, you need a variety of materials to not only absorb the outside noise, but also to remove the echo and create a smooth sound. Our company will choose the best method to soundproof your house or work space according to your requirements and expectations.