Soundproof ceiling

Sound travels in all directions and therefore soundproofing ceilings is just as critical as insulating walls for example. If someone is walking on the floor above you, you’re going to hear it – unless you break the contact by creating either a fully independent soundproof ceiling above you or floating floor on the level above you.

We take a tailored approach to determine what solution is going to work best for you. We will combat noise transmission and explore the various options based upon construction, ceiling height and more.

Simple System - Powerful Results

At London Sound Solutions we are committed to providing simple and effective soundproofing solutions based on your needs.

This approach yields powerful results so that you get the optimum outcome within each room. Soundproof ceilings and solutions like sound breaker bars, acoustic hangers, and more will be explored. The reality is that every room is different and therefore we cannot determine what will be installed until we have a look.

Allow us to take the time to examine your space and make recommendations on how soundproofing your ceilings will work best. In no time at all, we will provide you with an affordable, effective solution.