Soundproofing Walls

Soundproofing walls is a necessity in many instances. When sounds from other rooms and areas can be heard where you are it can be very disturbing. This usually means that the walls are very thin and not well soundproofed. Once you enter a room you shouldn’t be able to hear anything coming from outside.

Soundproofing walls offers an array of benefits. It maximizes the sounds within your room and eliminates the sounds that come from other rooms. At London Sound Solutions, we look forward to providing you with high-end, customized soundproofing for your home or business.

Our floor soundproofing process

1. Contact

Our family business is said to be one of the most modern and effective soundproofing companies in London. Constant development is highly important for us, because we always want to provide you with high-standard solutions. For a start, you can contact us via a form available on our website or call us on 020 8207 5121 or 079 5811 5256.

2. Survey

Our offer includes a free survey, what will allow us to properly asses a particular noise problem and discuss the available options with you. What is more, seeing a room in person will definitely help us in preparing a reliable quote.

3. Wall preparation

The room will always be carefully prepared before the actual works of soundproofing walls can begin. We will move or cover the furniture and also protect the floor properly. We always do everything we can not to harm your property in any way!

4. Soundproofing walls

We always want to provide you with the best sound proof walls possible, hence we work closely with our suppliers and use only the materials of the highest quality. What is more, we mount them carefully, taking care of every single detail.

5. Cleanup

You are probably worried that our soundproofing specialists from London will leave a mess when they finish work. However, the truth is, it will never happen! Our employees always do the clean-up before they leave, so that you could be fully content with the final results.


  1. How much space will I lose after soundproofing walls?

    We can only answer this question once we decide which systems and materials are going to be used by our soundproofing specialists from London.

  2. How does soundproofing work?

    Soundproofing walls is based on using materials that influence sound transmission. These systems aim to change its depth, density and separation from a given surface. The effectiveness of noise cancellation depends on the types of materials chosen for this task and the achieved dimensions.

  3. How much does it cost to soundproof a wall?

    Each commission is priced individually, depending on the chosen systems, materials and the size of the area.

  4. Do you provide coverings for the floor and furniture?

    Yes, we always try to protect all the furniture and other surfaces which remain in the room from being damaged due to our services.

  5. Sound proof walls or acoustic treatment?

    We suggest sound proof walls to people who want to effectively reduce the noise.


We care deeply about what our clients think about us and the services we performed, which is why we encourage them to leave their feedback on our website. The opinions describe how soundproofing of the walls went and if it brought the anticipated results. We never edit or hide our clients comments, because, unlike some other soundproofing companies from London, we are not afraid of constructive criticism.


One of the best ways of getting better acquainted with our offer is to visit our portfolio page. You will be able to see how we created sound proof walls and ceilings, but you will also see entire rooms we worked on. Our recording studio builders are not afraid of challenges, therefore we also prepared spaces dedicated for creating and registering music. Take a look at the photos to learn more about our team and our soundproofing services.

Quality of Service
We are perfectionists and it always shows in our work. We want to deliver quality service every time. This is why we use premium materials and take the time to design the best sound proof walls for your space. We are able to reduce noise levels considerably and we listen to your needs.

This ensures you get just what you need without any concerns. Plus, there’s always a guarantee in place for the work we do. Find out more about how London Sound Solutions can help you with soundproofing walls.