Residential Customers

Our residential customers demand excellence – and at London Sound Solutions, we deliver every time. We understand that every home is different. There are different levels, different rooms, and even different activities. That’s’ why we take the time to carefully assess the specific soundproofing needs of each very unique home.

We will examine each and every room in your property to properly determine the soundproofing requirements for your walls, floors and ceilings. We will ensure that you get the best possible sound within each room – and that sound is perfectly isolated within each space which is the primary goal.
Home, sweet home...
If you’re like the typical household, there’s always a lot of activity going on!

Some family members might be watching a movie in the home theatre while someone else is practicing the piano or clarinet - or even playing the drums. With so much noise going on its key that sounds are contained within each room.

This is why residential soundproofing solutions are required. At London Sound Solutions, we have worked with many homes in the UK to provide a custom solution and look forward to doing the same with you.