Soundproofing a flat

A sound proof room provides you with the convenience of listening to or producing loud sounds whenever you want. It makes you feel more free at your own home, because in this way, you do not have to restrain yourself from doing something, because it might disturb the neighbours. It is important, for example, when you are a musician and you would like to practice any time you want without hearing any complaints. What is more, soundproofing a flat will be great for a film fan, who plans to change their room into a home cinema. We are sure that everyone will appreciate the benefits of this marvellous solution!
Soundproof ceiling
A soundproof ceiling will prove useful especially for those who work in a basement. Namely, in this case, there are other people living only above you, hence this is the most important part that needs muting. Thanks to that, you can have, for example, a workshop and repair or construct something there at any time of a day or night without disturbing anyone with pounding and drilling noises. It is a great solution for night owls who like to work or practice late, because in this way, they will not wake anyone up. We use high-quality materials only, so you can be sure that the effect will be even more than satisfying!
Soundproofing walls
If you need to deaden the noises so that they will not be heard in the rooms on the same floor, soundproofing walls is a perfect service for you. Privacy is crucial and everybody needs to feel free to do what their want at the own home. Thanks to soundproofing a flat, you will be able to have fun with friends or develop your hobbies without worrying that someone may get angry about loud talking, music or any other noises. What is more, muting a room may be great for a company that needs to conduct confidential deliberations. We will gladly adapt our professional services to your individual expectations!
Soundproofing floors
Sound proof floors are particularly practical when there is a lot of stomping at your place. For instance, if you have a dance studio in a block of flats or if you are a sportsman who exercises at home a lot, this solution will be ideal for you. Moreover, it is advised for places where many kids are running here and there (like kindergartens), or where women are walking in high heels (like offices or conference rooms).

No matter if you need to have just a sound proof room, the whole flat or a professional recording studio, we will apply the most efficient solutions only. For a start, we can provide you with a free quotation.