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There’s nothing quite like a good sound system. However, it’s lost if the rooms aren’t sufficiently soundproofed. People in other rooms complain about hearing the TV, music or even a musical instrument. Meanwhile, you’re not getting the complete sound either if the walls are absorbing more of the sounds than they should.

This means that there is a need for sufficient soundproofing – and London Sound Solutions is here to make a difference in how it all works. We provide the best experience for you within your home, office or recording studio.

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A big difference to quality of life

Dear Adam, I just wanted to say thank you for your professional advice on choosing the right panels for our home recording studio. They look great and do the job, the accoustics is fantastic.
It was a pleasure to have you around. Thanks for a great service.

I can now work whatever the time of day or night. Thanks again guys.

Recording Studio

No matter where you build or establish your recording studio - at home or in a commercial space - it's imperative to have the best possible sound and sound soundproofing. The last thing you want is for any outside sound to penetrate and to ruin your precious acoustics. At London Sound Solutions we will design the best bespoke solution for your studio's floors, ceilings and walls.

Our expert staff are dedicated to bringing you the very best solution to ensure the very best in sound quality.
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